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Sawhney Systems has been providing professional financial and tax planning software and support services to the financial services industry for over three decades. Our planning systems were at the forefront of the evolution of the financial and tax planning software. The standards for a comprehensive and integrated financial planning system we helped establish 35 years ago continues to be the gold standard in the industry. We have been satisfying the ever changing needs of professional planners seamlessly throughout the change in technology from the era of mainframe computers to the desktop and the mobile platforms for smart phones and tablets devices of today.

The following is a sample of our current offerings to financial and tax planners:

Professional financial and tax planning for high-end clients - ExecPlan Pro is a comprehensive and integrated desktop software solution for financial planners for high-end clients. ExecPlan is the industry leading software that started the professional financial planning software industry over three decades ago. It offers a tremendous range of planning capabilities enabling the most accurate analysis of virtually any kind of client situation. The in-depth implementation of tax laws which is kept up-to-date insures the accuracy of recommendations and reliability over time.   ...more



Essential planning software for financial planners - ExecPlan is a redesigned adaptation of ExecPlan Pro incorporating the most popular functionality desired by professional financial planners. It is an easy to use planning software designed to create powerful and effective financial and tax planning solutions. It enables creation of comprehensive financial plans and can help you analyze an individual's personal finance over the entire life expectancy in varying levels of details.  ...more



Professional income tax calculator - TaxMode is a single focus app for US income tax planning on most popular user platforms. Its simple design provides an instantly usable program for anyone and packs a number of advanced features to satisfy the analytical needs of professionals. This income tax calculator is available for PC desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone devices. iTunes for iPhone and iPad, Google Play for Android or Marketplace for Windows phones.   ...more




Personal financial planning on mobile platforms - PlanMode is a mobile app for personal financial planning by individuals using mobile devices. It is currently in beta test and is projected to be released for Android devices in the second quarter of 2014. This is a free app that provides you the functionality of a powerful comprehensive financial planning system that is flexible in adapting to your needs from a simple financial profile preparation to analyzing retirement and survivor's sufficiency scenarios.  ...more


Sawhney Systems has been addressing the software and support needs of professional planners since the inception of professional planning software industry over three decades ago. We have been providing software, training and support services to the financial services industry offering financial and tax planning to their elite clients. With a user base of hundreds of organizations and thousands of independent planners providing financial planning as a service based on our software Sawhney continues to maintain its leadership with enhanced and complementary applications on the desktop and mobile platforms.   ...more